Conventional Medicine VS Alternative Medicine - The Reason I Prefer the Conventional kind

Don't get me wrong I am not against alternative doctors, this article is about alternative MEDICINE. All kind of cheap herbs that are available if it helps you then it's great, but alternative medicine that is usually a little expensive I believe is some sort of placebo, if it does the job then it's mainly in your head.

I know a lot of people who tried alternative medicine and %95 are disappointed, when an alternative doctor gives you the medicine it comes with many instructions: don't smoke, no alcohol, no coffee and tea(no drinks containing caffeine), sometimes no meat, eggs, butter, oil, milk....... This is very useful advice but if you make these changes many things will happen that have nothing to do with the empty capsules you paid so a lot of money on. Many claim that after following these orders and taking the alternative medicine it didn't help them with there problem.

Lets be honest, if conventional medicine wasn't available then we would be in a very bad position. Those days have brought us to low levels of feeling secure, that was one of the reasons why every one who played a card game felt like he needed to just Play On.

One of the things I am angry about the most is that some people claim that the conventional medicine is addictive and/or harmful which is not true, these people take the alternative kind and a result to that there are many stories with a lot o suffering and no happy endings.

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